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Business Automation Solutions PHILOSOPHIES

First, Know What Is Wanted, What Is Needed. Frequently, it's difficult to put your finger on the specifics of what you want. For example, you might say, "I want you to automate my payroll." There will be dozens of questions that must be answered, like how do you handle overtime? How do you handle holidays? How do you account for vacation time, sick time, or personal time?

In other instances, we have found that what is wanted is at odds with what is needed. To illustrate, take the example of the company that wanted to automate data reporting from the field, then automate the process of running the data through a checker for approval, then automate the report produced from the data. During analysis, we discovered that the checker process was in place to discover and rectify transcription errors from the manual process. With automated data coming in from the field, the data was imported directly into the database, therefore there were no transcription errors, and we were able to eliminate an entire sequence of steps from the process.

Design Is The Key. We believe that designing the application correctly up front is the key to producing a successful solution. It is much easier (and less expensive) to make adjustments to the program during the design phase than to do so after coding has started. We believe this is so important we usually spend almost half the production time of the application in developing the design.

The primary target of the design phase is for the program to accomplish its purpose, but almost equally important, the program must be easy and fun to use for the people who have to use it. If a program is hard to learn, frustrating to use, or creates any sort of reluctance in the user, it won't be used -- either not to its full capability, or in some cases it won't be used at all. If this occurs, then money spent on the program will have been wasted. We believe it is very important to ensure the people who will be using the program find it a fulfilling and rewarding experience.