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I'm Interested! What Do I Do Now?

The first step is to call or email us (601-605-2786 or email dpm39560@aol.com for the eastern U.S., or email NSSAssocs@aol.com  in the Western U.S.) for a FREE initial consultation. If you're out of our immediate area, we may need you to help with travel expenses, but there will be no hourly charge for this visit.

Meantime, put some serious thought into exactly what processes you think would benefit from automation. Put your thoughts and concepts down on paper, so you can give them to our analyst when he or she arrives. The more precise you are with your visions, the more accurate we can be with our analysis. Also, be sure you have gotten at least a tentative okay from the budget folks. To get an idea of what sort of budget to plan for initially, please see our What Will It Cost? page. After our analyst's visit, we will be able to give you a more precise ballpark budget.

We'll be happy to come to your location, listen to your ideas, look at your operation, and give you our best advice on the most effective way to automate, and which processes will benefit most from automation.

If it turns out that we believe you don't need to automate, or if you need a solution that's not within our capability, we'll tell you that too.

However, the chances are we'll be able to provide the solution you want, streamline your operation, and save you more money than you spend.