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The staff of Business Automation Solutions have been providing custom applications for clients since 1986. Although not all these solutions were provided under the Business Automation Solutions banner, all solutions have been provided by the people who now work with Business Automation Solutions. Among our staff, we have provided dozens of automation solutions for a wide range of clients. Here are some examples of what we have done to date. You can see in this section a Summary of All Applications, Principal Applications Details, and Additional Application Details

    Applications Summary The table below lists many of the applications we have worked on. You can see the details of each solution by clicking on its name. Principal Applications are those for which members of our staff were principally responsible, all the way from initial functional analysis through production and implementation. Additional Applications are those for which members of our staff were significant contributors, but were not the individual of primary responsibility.

Principal Applications

Additional Applications

Vehicles Specifications Database
Vehicle Contract Status Database
Country Club Management Software (3 programs)
Workboat Management Systems (8 programs)
Tugboat Operations Management Systems (8 applications)
Work Barge Operations Management (2 programs)
Fleeting Operations Management (3 programs)
Architectural Office Management
Landscape Architect Business Management
Programmed Inventory and Maintenance Management (2 programs)
Automated Streamlined Inspection Program
Employee Time Card Tracking and Management
Church Membership and Finances Database
Ice Company Management
Game Show on the Internet and TV
Medical Management System
School Administration and Testing

Course Development, Student Administration, and Registrar System

Geographic Information System Interface

Global Positioning System Interface

Principal Applications Details The applications listed in this section were developed from concept through implementation by people currently on the staff of Business Automation Solutions.

Additional Applications The applications listed in this section are those that included significant contributions by people currently on the staff of Business Automation Solutions. In other words, we worked on segments of the applications, and had strong input to the final product, but were not responsible for the ultimate result or for client interface.