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The staff of Business Automation Solutions have been providing custom applications for clients since 1986. Although not all these solutions were provided under the Business Automation Solutions banner, all solutions have been provided by the people who now work with Business Automation Solutions. 

The clients listed here are the companies for whom our staff members provided automation solutions, or worked on automation projects. For some clients, the listing indicates a number of projects. Links in this section are to the respective companies' or agencies' websites, where applicable.  A Letter Icon indicates a letter of reference. (More are on the way.)

Tidewater, Inc.
ENSCO International
Seacor Marine
Magnolia Marine Transport Company
Ergon Marine Industrial Supply
Carline Management Company
Elmwood Marine Services, Inc.
Canal Barge Company, Inc.
Global Industries, Ltd.
Cenac Towing Company, Inc.
Marine Inland Transportation Company
Arcoms/Boatracs  Letter of Reference from Boatracs
U.S. Navy (Personnel Center)

Thunderbird Country Club
BIGHORN Country Club
Coachella Valley Ice Company
U-DUB Productions, Inc.
David Serrurier & Associates (Architects)
Wayne C. Conner & Associates
USAF Academic Instructor School Letter of Reference from Dr. Wojciechowski
USAF Extension Course Institute  Letter of Reference from Dr. Wojciechowski
    (Now "Air Force Institute for Advanced
     Distributed Learning")
Community College of the Air Force